I would like to thank all those who have assisted with the setting up of this web site:-

Pam Massey who has prompted several, was the first to offer and I am deeply in her debt for her work, including exhausting research and all the Art Work.

Guy King, one of the early ones to offer encouragement, suggested that I continued, until they just became 'Mumblings'. There are so many to thank including Jamie Rogers, Chris Norton, Mike Pruett, Sue Alexander, John Adams, Terence Pavey et all, who offered help with the 'site' and the encouragement from so many 'Zetnuts and others. I was shocked by the number of mistakes I'd made, when the 'Mumblings' were checked by a real proof reader. Thank you Bob Lawless! All apologies for not including everyone but space precludes it.

Imperial war museum logo

The Imperial War Museum, Sound Archive Dept., for the sound tracks contained in the website.

Finally. A thank you to zetnet logo in our spiritual home, Sunny Shetland, for without them, mumbling would be useless.





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