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News archive from G3RWL covering ALL amateur radio satellites 1985 to 2004 is now available on this website. Click here.


The purpose of this page is to provide miscellaneous information, data, and software for Amateur Radio Satellites. This is intended to cover topics such as tracking, solar eclipses, and orbital decay.

Most of the files are zipped, for quick download, and browsing at your leisure. If you have any comments, find any errors or require further information, please e-mail me -

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Once the files are zipped up, I don't see the contents very often, so if you do find anything wrong or missing it will help others, if you let me know.

News Archive from G3RWL covering ALL amateur radio satellites 1985 to 2004

PLAN13QB This is a translation of the well known tracking routines by James Miller G3RUH, from the original BBC code into QBASIC.

Users should note that this is NOT a fully featured tracking program, and the author's intention was that his tracking routines would be incorporated into a suitable calling program. Thus to make full use of the software, the user will have to provide a data base for orbital elements, controls, printing, & data display as required.

The package includes a BBC BASIC interpreter, which emulates the BBC computer, and allows the original code to be run.

James Miller's original article is also included, which gives the original code, and a high level of documentation. File size 106K.

OZFORM This is a QBASIC program for converting NASA 2-line Keplerian elements to a single line tabulated format. The converted data is written to an output file, and is also displayed on the screen. The number of decimals has been reduced to to that required for normal tracking accuracy, enabling the data to be output on a single line.

The program was originally written for producing a compact format for inclusion in a magazine, however the code has many applications, where extraction of data from the 2-line format is required. Instructions and samples of input/output data included. File size 8.2K.

SATILL This is a QBASIC program for predicting solar eclipses in a satellite's orbit. The eclipse calculations are based on Jame's Miller's PLAN13 program. The package includes instructions,documentation, examples of input/output, spreadsheet application, James Miller's original code, and documention. There is also a BASIC interpreter enabling you to run the original PLAN13 code, if you wish to experiment! File size 196K.

KENPRO-YAESU ELEVATION ROTATOR MAINTENANCE This is a useful collection of articles compiled by Ron Long W8GUS. Common faults of the KR-500 series elevation rotator and its derivatives are described. Instructions, hints and tips for disassembly, cleaning, and rebuild are included. File size 11.5K.

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